A Must Have Baby Gift.
lil Bagie is a convenient and practical gift new parents will use daily at home and on the go.


lil Blue


Whether at home or on the go, your lil bagie refillable bag dispenser is ready when you are.
When you need to dispose of a soiled diaper, just pull down the lemony scented, Eco-friendly bag from underneath the head, tear it off
at the perforation, open the large bag, place the diaper inside, tie a knot and dispose. You're good to Go!

How it works

Pull it

Bag it

Trash it

Easy - Convenient - Refillable - Adorable!

Parent Reviews

Christine B.

Scotch Plains, NJ

“I LOVE my lil bagie bag dispenser! I have it hanging from my diaper bag, and another one on my changing table. It’s so easy to use. I’m not embarrassed to throw my son’s diaper in a friend’s trash anymore. It’s great that the bags are eco-friendly, and lemony scented too. I’ll definitely recommend lil bagie to all my friends with infants”.

Clarissa J.

Roswell, GA

“I’m so Happy my girlfriend bought me a lil bagie for my baby shower. My husband and I use it every day and need to buy more. What a great idea, so soft and cute. When we don’t have a roll of bags inside it, we let our daughter play with it on her stroller. She’s always smiling when she plays with her pink-a-boo”.

Stacey F.

Melville, NY

“I Love it!!! One of the most useful products I’ve bought for changing my son’s diapers. It’s easy to use and I bought a few packages of the refill rolls. I just didn’t like the plastic one they have in babies r us, maybe for a dog, but not my handsome son. It’s a must have! Thank you lil bagie”

Easily hang from a Diaper Bag,
Changing Table, Backpack, Stroller, in the Car,
or anywhere you need one, two or More!

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